Terms & Conditions

  • YumTumy Customer Agreement This Agreement (the "Agreement") is a legal agreement between you and Map Universal India Pvt. Ltd. (sole owner of its brand "YumTumy.com") that states the terms and conditions under which you may receive the YumTumy Service and use the YumTumy Web site ("YumTumy.com").

    You agree to these terms & conditions when using the YumTumy Service or YumTumy.com.

    1. YumTumy Service : The YumTumy Service is a transaction, information and communication service available to authorized users ("customers") who access YumTumy.com. YumTumy.com currently provides an online grocery shopping and delivery service, and may in the future provide additional shopping and related services. YumTumy.com's employees, agents or designees will shop and deliver grocery orders placed with the YumTumy Service. Prices of products sold online may differ from those in retail stores. Delivery will be made to the delivery address that you specify when you confirm your order. Prices for products you place in your cart will be guaranteed for the transaction. Payment for groceries and associated shopping and delivery fees is due at the time of delivery. You are responsible for ensuring that someone is present at the delivery address to receive and pay for deliveries at the specified time of delivery. Anyone at the delivery address who receives the delivery is conclusively presumed to be authorized to receive and pay for the order. If YumTumy.com cannot deliver your order, or must make an additional delivery because no one is at the delivery address to receive and pay for the order at the specified time, or wrong address / details given to us by you, will be assessed an additional fee. If you are not satisfied for any reason with an item purchased through the YumTumy Service, you may call customer service at the time of receiving your order at 1800 102 0627. YumTumy.com's liability for missing a delivery is limited to delivery at a later agreed time at no additional charge.

    (a) Pricing : All the products listed on YumTumy.com will be sold at MRP unless otherwise specified. The prices mentioned at the time applicable prices at the time of placing an order. Although prices of most of the products do not fluctuate on a daily basis but some of the commodities and fresh food do change on a daily basis which would be updated almost immediately on the portal.

    (b) Cancellation Policy : As a policy we do not cancel any order after it customer can cancel your is placed on the portal. However, if there are changes in the delivery slot time you requested or need to add more products, you need to call us on customer care number 1800 102 0627. Please note: If we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies the terms & conditions of using the website, we at our sole discretion could cancel such orders. We will maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and customers and would deny access to them or cancel any orders placed by them.

    (c) Return & Refunds : We have a "no questions asked return and refund policy" which entitles all our members to return the product at the time of delivery if due to some reason they are not satisfied with the quality or freshness of the product. We will take the returned product back with us and make the necessary adjustments to your order value. However, please note:There is no minimum amount required for delivery.

    (d) Share & Earn : Daily 2 users who shares maximum number of Recipes or APP link on the Social network sites Facebook , Twitter or pinterest will receive 100 Rs Paytm recharge in their Paytm Account . However, please note: Users while sharing have to use the phrase #Yumtumy in the comments or text field.